There are very few schools. The fact that someone like you just stepped up and created a presence for this I mean, dude, really, really magical. It was the craziest, most unruly dog ever. You really put on a professional face. I did it one more time before I decided to just take it to the street and walk to homeless people instead of waiting for them to walk up to me.". For the past decade, I've been passionately motivated to impact the lives of pets and people experiencing homelessness. Teach it aggression, mis treat it, then thats the kind of dog youre going to have. DR. MIKE MORENO: Right on! I had told a few people that I was going to be talking with you and I told them about what you do. Those pets do their holding time. It must have just happened. Next thing you know, hes got another dog. I did that for five years and I burned out. It was right during the transition from the shelter to this new job that I decided after all the things Id learned, the shelter, I was going to go out in the streets, and this is that moment that happened I decided, I was going to go out in the streets and find people that had pets and help them then and there. But his goal isnt to take away their pets its to treat them, for no cost at all. So, lets talk about Street Vet. Dr. Kwane Stewart is known as the "Street Vet." He makes rounds in Los Angeles' Skid Row and provides free care to homeless people's beloved pets. You know, we are their universe, but these homeless people are with their pets every minute of every day. But there is a story behind that decision. Their ears go down. Right. Seriously, really beautiful stuff. You know, surviving a pit bull attack isnt in my favor and I knew all this. A classic. DR. MIKE MORENO: God, Im thinking like Black Beauty or something like that. January 22, 2021 / 6:01 AM / CBS Sacramento MODESTO (CBS13) - Dr. Kwane Stewart's love for four-legged friends started way back when he was a child. Recordar a su mam en su cuenta de Instagram con una foto seguir a por! I saw them as the most vulnerable population struggling to get care for their pets. Website, you can donate there. Dr. Kwane Stewart had no idea a day volunteering at a soup kitchen would bring him face-to-face with his life's calling. DR. KWANE STEWART: Still one of the best movies ever. Dr. Kwane Stewart was already an experienced veterinarian when he decided to help the less fortunate in his community. Gloria. I found my dog Dinker in an alley and now Dinker was seven or eight years old. DR.KWANE STEWART: They read you and theyre stoic most of the time. Lost their job, need a surgery, in need of care. You dont know what led them to being down and out. For NPR News, I'm Gloria Hillard in Los Angeles. So, it makes sense, and I can see exactly what youre saying. No one answered. I said, this is what we need to do. When he is not on the streets treating animals, he documents his stories through a Netflix TV series "Dr. Kwane: The Street Vet," which airs internationally in over 30 countries. If you raise your child in a harsh environment, a derogatory environment for that individual to come out that way, I dont think is unreasonable. What was supposed to be an exercise in teaching his young son the importance of giving back, became the start of a decade-long mission to provide free healthcare to the pets of homeless individuals on the streets of . We have these comparisons sometimes, or actually going through medical school and vet school at the same time, I was like, whats school like for you? Before I knew it, I had a whole line, Stewart said. So how does it go to Project Street Vet? Please welcome Dr. Kwane Stewart. Dr. Kwane: The Street Vet (Series Trailer Extended) - YouTube The Street Vet charts the humanitarian exploits of Kwane Stewart, Doctor of Veterinary Medicine. Ill just put it all encapsulated with a quote that a gentleman that I met here actually in San Diego told me once. 2023 Michelson Found Animals Foundation, Inc. For the homeless, the relationship is on a totally different level. I sat there starry eyed. Some of the people who lost their homes took their furbabies to shelters instead of abandoning them in the streets. Theyre not going to see me sweat. Amazing stories of hope, struggle and inspiration are revealed.Executive Producers: Ian Stewart, Kwane Stewart, Ray PedrettiDirector: Ian StewartDP: Nolan RudiCamera Op: Morgan Estill, Seth FullerAudio: Jordan Bodhaine, Jonathan Wolff, Jay Collins, Lincoln MorrisonEditor: Ian Stewart, David Ferry, Keith Baca, Omar Nadir, John CoffmanAudio Mix: Julian Costa at Outpost 31Colorist: Morgan EstillGFX: Kathy JaroneskiCast: Dr. Kwane Stewart, Genesis RendonDistributed by ABC CommercialProduced by Two Sons Productions \u0026 Blizzard Road Dr. Kwane hopes he can continue spreading empathy and awareness around this issue through his work on the street and with the Los Angeles-based animal hospital he has partnered with. While solving the issue of homelessness will take many years, for now California has its street vet to make sure these humans and their pets will always have a home in each other. Were cat lovers, right? So, it was my brother one day who said why dont you start to Go Fund Me? This is just amazing. A lot of them are sick, theyre malnourished, and they just end up getting euthanized, sadly. Dr. Kwane Stewart Follow 1 Following 181.4K Followers 3M Likes Veterinarian helping pets & peeps. With each new animal he helps, Dr. Kwane says he gains a deeper understanding of the unique bond that exists between those experiencing homelessness and their pets. to the Street Vet GoFundMe. The butcher shop invokes the words to . So, theyre not going to be split from their pet. Before I knew it, I had a cool little line, right. His journey started in '97 as an associate and emergency clinician in San Diego. It started by dot-commers about ten years ago. Before he eventually became known as "The Street Vet," Stewart ran an animal hospital and went on to be the county veterinarian for Stanislaus in Modesto, California, according to CCN. You know, youre starting a family or youre finding your place if its not the right time, but 15, 20 years of my career, I knew its just how I was raised. Im trying to think what it was. What Dr. Kwane initially thought would be a one-off experience has since turned into a nine-year mission to help four-legged pets across Southern California and beyond. As that generosity spreads, it helps fuel the positive energy in the world.. All rights reserved. For animals who need vaccinations, medicine, or food, Stewart pays for the costs out of pocket. DR. KWANE STEWART: Now were getting good. This animal doesnt talk to you. Leaving the baseball game, I was walking down an alley and I saw in someones backyard a dog that was strung up by a chain. He headed up the project and then, you know, three years ago we made this into a twelve-episode television show. Think about how much more time they get together, quality time than we do. I call it EE, economic euthanasia. Weve been putting Band-Aids on it for so long, with a free meal here and there, but theres not really a foundation to get them off the streets and keep them off the streets.. Your effort and contribution in providing this feedback is much DR. MIKE MORENO: And so, you went running, jumping over the fence. It was an all-white pit bull with a spike collar, and the first thing he said is, why are you in my backyard? Im a fan of you and everything youre doing. Let me ask you this. Facebook. So, yeah to dispel that rumor, myth that they dont do what they can or they you know, they dont care. It got expensive with surgeries and I had to call in favors, hey Doc, can you do this pro bono? I go and help homeless people. They have the cinderblock heads so powerful. No Comments . I want some young Kwane to be watching your movie and have this recollection, just like you were watching the horse movie when you were seven years old. Im from Visalia, so I know that area very, very well, but take us through the evolution of street that and tell everybody a little bit about this, because this is really this is like gut wrenching, how amazing this is. Those with pets also face the misconception that they are incapable of caring for an animal, something which Stewart said he also considered at first. DR. KWANE STEWART: Good sir. Between his street work and partnerships with other organizations, Dr. Kwane has helped roughly 400 animals since 2011, including a fair share of catsand once, even a Burmese python. But when the Great Recession hit the US in 2007, Stewart realized he needed to do a lot more for the animals who had suddenly been tossed to the sidelines of a financial crisis. Founded by Dr. Kwane Stewart, Project Street Vet is a 501 (c)(3) non-profit public charity that provides free veterinary care, treatment, and support to the pets of individuals experiencing . This is of our own creation. Dogs and cats, horses, everything growing up. I had a loving family and friends and you just you know that that kid started out with an innocent, like sort of story. They were from Maldova and he had this German shepherd that only spoke Russian. There really, really is. I packed up my old Mustang right after school, drove straight to San Diego without a job and planted my roots and had been in California since. So, I dont mind putting aside some of my salary for that. Which brings us back to the question, should they even own them? So, you talk about the sixth sense; early out of vet school, I felt like I didnt know what I was doing. TREASURE ISLAND DUTCH DESIGN WEEK. I knew I wanted to keep doing it.. As the Great Recession drove Californias homeless populations higher year after year, so too did it increase the number of animals on the street. Their pets are often the sole form of emotional support. I dont know what theyve been through. Then its just experience and time, and thats why they call it practice. Obviously it was just my own little, you know, passion project, but now its taking off. Thank you very much. A graduate of the renowned Colorado State University Veterinary program, Dr. Kwane has been a California practicing vet for 22 years. DR. KWANE STEWART: Thank you sir. You talk about a scary, intimidating dog. Of course. I dont ever want to have to turn anybody away, he says. Your focus, your daily routine revolves around your six-month, or one year old child. So, its neat, man. Kwane Stewart Writer | Producer + Add or change photo on IMDbPro Kwane Stewart is known for The Street Vet (2019), Hartz - UltraGuard Pro Topical (2019) and Home & Family (2012). Anytime he spotted someone with an animal, he called them over and offered to give their pet a checkup. But when the financial crisis hit the U.S. in 2008, he was inspired to do more. Dr. Kwane Stewart on Instagram: "My son headed off to college a few months ago and hasn't seen his little sister he decided to surprise her. I mean, we look in the medical world, we look at serotonin, we look at antidepressants. So, yeah, various projects, some on TV, some not, some still quiet and Ill keep to myself, the little moments I have, but all are very neat. I know the power of the bond. I hope books and Im all about what youre doing. I told him one of the things I love to do is this street work. You know that person was like me when I was five. DR. MIKE MORENO: I cant imagine. Carrying a bag stocked with both medical supplies and treats, Dr. Kwane spent his time walking through underpasses and alleyways looking for pets and people in need. Our pets they sit there in pine for us, you know, theyre pulling back the curtains. Yeah I dont usually recall the story very often, but when we said pit bulls and it didnt involve a pit bull, I was walking away from my sons baseball game, I would say at the time he was probably nine. It was sort of a white brownish small breed dog. He has worked in nearly every part of the profession - honing his clinical and business expertise. The two have an emotional conversation about the 6th sense of vets and Kwanes journey from shelter vet to movie set vet to the famous Street Vet. It got produced. Its amazing what these people will sacrifice for their pets. DR. KWANE STEWART - Street Vet. So, people talk about pit bulls and the aggression. You know, vaccines are pennies on the dollar. I have a dog. Dr. Kwane was working as a county veterinarian at the time and recalls the influx of surrendered animals that arrived at his shelter. New Year, new motivation. Euthanasia rates were skyrocketing. In his spare time, he heads to impoverished areas and wanders the streets usually. DR. KWANE STEWART: Okay, Ill give you the quick and dirty. So, I just talking to him, Jasper, Jasper. Find Dr. Kwane Stewart on social media. I never dreamed of this. So, my brother and I got to thinking we should just start our own nonprofit. The couple tied the knot inside . We are proud to name Dr. Kwane Stewart a Better Neighbor Hero. DR. KWANE STEWART: Its a whole other thing, but Im learning, you know, Im learning my way around on set and Im talking over years just learning how to hold the whole town works, but I was on set one time with the producer, and he asked me what do you do exactly? Dr. Kwane Stewart has been working overtime. That's her Bubba! Look just to give an example. Its airing in 26 countries, not here yet. Estimates say that in America, about 20% of our homeless population own a pet. Some of them still healthy, but, you know, were just overloaded. We decided to start an official nonprofit called Project Street Vet. CNN Sans & 2016 Cable News Network. But I can do a lot with ten dollars. DR. MIKE MORENO: Absolutely. Her name was Crazy Girl, and he took great care of this dog. Try and remember that weve all been in a tough spot. So far, Dr. Stewart has treated about 400 animals as The Street Vet. Dr. Kwane Stewart was already an experienced veterinarian when he decided to help the less fortunate in his community. But, you know, I try, and I think as you get older and more mature and you think about these things, you know, you cant judge because you just dont know. She said, well, I, you know, and then she sort of, you know, she was picking and choosing what she wanted to do. Check out his answers below! I want to go back because I dont want people to miss this, that the fact that when you started doing this, youre paying out of your own pocket for all of this. I remember taking him to the vet and I remember them looking at me saying, youll know what happened, he an obstruction, his creatinine was ten. Im telling you, these people, you could tell they were down and out, and they were really happy to be getting the food, but the joy that they had when you gave them dog food was more of a joy than getting food for themselves. This dream eventually led him to practice veterinary medicine in California, where he ran an animal hospital before becoming the county veterinarian for Stanislaus County in Modesto, California. Dr. Stewart pays out of his own pocket for food and medications, however, when he comes across cases that need extensive medical care like surgeries, he uses his GoFundMe to cover the costs. To the extent they can. They did a podcast. That unconditional love, that statement, it gets said, but there is so much depth and truth to that statement. If Dr. Kwanes story inspires you, please help by donating to the Street Vet GoFundMe. DR. KWANE STEWART: Youre close, The Black Stallion. I came home and he was at ten. I say were most likened to a pediatrician, right. If we can, in a way that we can. Climbed to the ranks of chief medical officer for Vet Go Hospitals, which I know well because Ive donated to them. Good Life Family also celebrates parents who are making . I had been doing this quietly. I actually went out of pocket a little bit to produce the show and weve not made a return yet. Ill start by telling you I think I was relatively naive when I started the work, like, you know, I have my own sort of prejudgments of homeless people or had. Weve all had those moments where we need help. Because my experience in the shelter was I was seeing so many people relinquish their pets for economic reasons that I ended up euthanizing. Charlotte's Web has made a substantial contribution to Dr. Stewart's 501c3 . But that was it for me. Now, the obvious question, what is this movie? Theyre eating stuff. I mean, what would you say it is? I grew up in New Mexico, went to school in Colorado, Colorado State, graduated 97. You wonder because when my animals get sick and fortunately for me and my animals, I have the whereabouts and the ability financially to take them somewhere and to care for them, do all these things, but these people are struggling to provide food for themselves and shelter for themselves. I mean, theres got to be some heart wrenching stories that just make you just smile ear to ear when you think about that. She didnt. Inside the trunk was a dog bed, dog food . I did it one more time before I decided to just take it to the street and walk to homeless people instead of waiting for them to walk up to me.. But you know, some mornings before 10:00 a.m., I was euthanizing twenty, thirty cats during kitten season, during the spring. As the homeless population grew, so did the number of pets on the street. The bond is on a much higher plane than with the average pet owner, which I was blown away by. There are many other ways you can help to keep homeless pet owners and their pets together. One guy said all I have is this backpack with a few things. He really loved his girl. You know, our pets are going to backyards, theyre getting into stuff. So, theres a little trade secret. And hes coming closer. He estimates that he has helped around 400 animals since he became "The Street Vet.". I was inspired during the recession crisis. I said, well, you know, really all this at this point, its necessary to treat your pet. DR. KWANE STEWART: You know, when you ask vets this question, youll get different answers, but I think they boil down to a moment or a couple of moments in time in our youth where we sort of have that lightning strike moment or feeling. Well done, my friend. MARY LOUISE KELLY, HOST: When we refer to. You would be amazed at how these negative moments can snowball. It is difficult to go that route. In other instances, the animals he examined needed special care at a veterinary hospital. Dr. Kwane now runs a GoFundMe page that aims to raise donations to cover all the animal care and pricey surgeries his four-legged patients need. Im trying to think. Veterinarian & CMO of Papaya Pet Care, Founder of Project Street Vet. Ive been told many times, My dog is my reason for getting up in the morning. Their pets give them hope. During his time working with homeless people, hes seen them face physical abuse and harassment, ranging from police hassling them to move and drivers spitting and throwing food at them as they pass by. I need to have him be how he was before I left to work this morning. We walk around to the front of the house and knock on the door. The look on peoples faces when they get their pets back, especially after a surgery or a life-saving procedurethose are moments Ill remember forever.. GBN Video of the Week: "The Best Man: The Final Chapters" Official Trailer - on Peacock 12/22/22 The minivan is large enough for him and Princess Leia to lounge in while they wait for permanent housing. So, when I heard that, I mean they literally have millions, hundreds of thousands, if not millions of people to choose from, you know, for this honor of theirs. More work to be done! Theyre like, are you kidding? A homeless man named Mike crying while Stewart treats his dog, Goldie. We got Crazy Girl to the specialist, and she had advanced glaucoma, so it wasnt treatable. So, theyre reaching out to me directly saying can you help? Hey, man, thanks so much. Spending time with people who call the street their home has also taught Dr. Kwane a lot about homelessness and has challenged some of his fundamental beliefs about the issue. DR. KWANE STEWART: Yeah. I dont know, I didnt go to medical school, but my best friend, who I grew up with since I was nine, we agreed we were going to follow the same path. Ill tell you, if you want, I dont share this story very often, I can probably tell it in 45 seconds if you want to hear the scariest moment I ever had? Theyre smart. When you see them panhandling on a corner and its looks like its a 28-year-old guy. Could talk to this guy forever. But youre spending a considerable amount of money, which finally you set up this Go Fund Me page, tell us a little bit about that, because this is really amazing as well. DR. MIKE MORENO: Do you remember the first animal that they brought to your table? I mean, think about that. Then my story just went viral for a little while. If you raise a dog to fight and train it to fight. DR. MIKE MORENO: It makes perfect sense. Charlotte's Web was so moved by Dr. Kwane Stewart's mission and animal welfare activism, it decided to support his cause. Extensive and insightful content will address the daily joys and struggles of finding a balance between kids and parents while keeping ourselves sane in the process. Use tab to navigate through the menu items. I always had this big dream of practicing on the beach. Dr. Kwane decided to start a GoFundMe so he could continue providing help to the animals that truly needed it. Dr. Kwane has provided routine care and vaccinations with funds from his own pocket. We were always around animals. Did you encounter any technical issues? One of Whitney's dream guests veterinarian Dr. Kwane Stewart aka The Street Vet is here to answer every question you've ever had about your pet. They talk openly about what they think about homeless people being pet owners and Dr. Mike shares his personal story of what his pets meant to him after a difficult divorce. No one would, so be sensitive to that. 2. After spending an afternoon offering medical care to the pets of people experiencing homelessness in his area, he learned an important lesson: these animals provide more than companionship to their owners they also offer love, hope, and security. You cried, you laughed for the whole two hours and when we were walking out, I was holding her hand and I looked up at her and I said, When I grow up, I want to be an animal doctor. The bond is on a much higher plane than with the average pet owner, which I was blown away by. I dont know what landed them there. I mean, Im giving my time for free. I have this burning question. Talk about the sweaty palms. DR. MIKE MORENO: Listen, Im fired up to talk to you for so many reasons. I was a traditional associate for a lot of years. Look, you can relate to this. Has there ever been an animal that you were truly afraid of? Richard was given the keys to a 2016 Toyota Sienna so he and Princess Leia can stay warm during the cold winter nights. We rely on the owner or the mom or the dad to provide the history and the background. About 25% of our homeless population own a pet, and I knew that if I set up a table at a soup kitchen I could help a small group of animals, he says. She said no, Ill just take the antibiotics. When Kwane Stewart first decided to become a veterinarian, he had no idea his job would become less about the animals he treats and more about the humans who own them. Thats not the case. They said, you got to take him to this vet somewhere in South Bay or Chula Vista. In the first four or five months, maybe raise four thousand and then I guess I hit the Go Fund Mes radar because they called me up and said, were considering you for the Go Fund Me Hero of the month. There are also pawsitive stories that need to be shared so the world knows there are good people like 49-year-old Dr. Kwane Stewart (pictured below), also known as The Street Vet.. They also dive deep on dog cloning, vaccines, pet insurance, and the best way to keep your pets safe. Meet Dr. Kwane Stewart A.K.A. So, I ran that program as director for the better part of six or seven years. He looks good. If anyone needs a pet, this is why anyone needs that. They always say that an animals behavior, disposition, whatever, is really a product of the environment in which theyre raised, and so are we quite honestly. I grew up in the dusty desert and I wanted to come to the coast. If youre not a veterinarian? dr kwane stewart married 21st May 2022 . This podcast does not constitute the practice of medicine or any other professional service. Thanks, everybody. You dont know what happened. How do you go through this process with animals? My own family and friends cant watch my own show. Meet Dr. Kwane Stewart, a veterinarian who's always on the lookout for street pets in need of healthcare support. My guest will challenge the listener to learn more about the growing influence of wellness in our lives today. Our mission of saving pets, enriching lives is made possible by the generous contributions of Dr. Gary Michelson and Alya Michelson. During the recession, so many people were just forced to give up their pets because they couldnt afford medical care or some basic food. Sometimes people need a little help a little longer than others, but we dont get through this world without a little help. So thats when I moved to Modesto. More than anything, I want Crazy Girl to have vision. Some of the common illnesses he treats include allergies, skin and ear infections, bad teeth and even arthritis. My hometown. For nearly a decade, Stewart, 49, has volunteered on his own dime to help pets of the homeless in California. I mean, lay it on us. After spending an afternoon offering medical care to the pets of people experiencing homelessness, he learned an important lesson: These animals provided more than companionship to their ownersthey also offered love, hope, and security. DR. KWANE STEWART: Yeah, so they did a video story on me. DR. MIKE MORENO: Lets hear it. It just seems like I see them with animals quite often, so I can imagine. This program has been in existence for 75 years, giving oversight to animals on TV and film sets. DR. MIKE MORENO: You know, my buddy that I was telling you about, who is at The Barking Lot, they have a ton of pit bulls and in fact, he has five dogs by himself and he loves these guys. Homeless people face more than just judgment and stereotypes. There are multiple examples I could get similar to that. However, he often runs into animals with severe issues such as tooth decay or illnesses that need treatment at a veterinary hospital. Because I will tell you right now, people are chomping at the bit trying to figure out how do we get to you? Im trying to think, it was my era. CALIFORNIA (KABC) -- For the last nine years, Dr. Kwane Stewart has spent his free time as a veterinarian treating pets on California's streets for free. I'm fortunate for 25 years of laughter, licks & love. Thats what these pets are providing these people. There are also pawsitive stories that need to be shared so the world knows there are good people like 49-year-old Dr. Kwane Stewart (pictured below), also known as "The Street Vet." So, he took it under his wing. Just Help. I mean the reward I get from helping and sitting with them and listening to them and sometimes sharing my own personal stories and tearing up its cathartic for me too. I tell people, I get more from the folks on the streets I think, then I give to them. As a shelter vet, I was saddened to witness too many animals being surrendered for economic reasons. I think theres something to be said about when the animal doesnt feel good that you sort of adopt the same symptoms. Dr. Kwane Stewart, whose care for animals extends from the streets to those on film studio sets, is opening an animal hospital on College Avenue in Modesto. Malik Daniels/courtesy the street vet Dr. Kwane Stewart drives around town seeking out potential patients to help. DR. KWANE STEWART: Yeah, as far as assessing, thats really everything. DR. KWANE STEWART: I hurdled that fence, and I was out. I shared one encounter and hes like, thats a docuseries, thats a TV show. This eventually led him to decide to become a veterinarian, and he has since saved countless animals. The 49-year-old drives around the. DR. KWANE STEWART: I agree 100%. The only person he listened to was my neighbor, the owner. After spending an afternoon offering medical care to the pets of people experiencing homelessness, he learned an important lesson: These animals provided more than companionship to their ownersthey also offered love, hope, and security. is dr kwane stewart marriedchristopher lee height, weight. Though he's still paying off his student loans, Dr. Kwane Stewart is committed to helping pets and people in need. So, I went from being a shelter vet to being a movie set vet and talk about just a breath of fresh air and, you know, a lot of desk work and papers, but I needed that. You learn very quickly that you have no idea what put them there. Ive told myself before, you know, you look able bodies, why dont you go get a job, right? DR. KWANE STEWART: You know, my brother and I got to thinking we have this money to spend now and my social media following climbed a little bit and people knew of me, they were reaching out, you know, direct messaging me and Facebooking and hey, I know someone who lives under a bridge. We do what we can as humanitarians to help. This guy has worked with the likes of Disney Company, United Airlines, you name it. I never really told anybody about it. Animal news isnt limited to animal cruelty. I just walked down the line. ; E1550 1441-7739 1441-7739,,E15 Super Carnes Garcia, a butcher's shop in San Nicols de Los Garza, Mexico, recently posted this advertisement to its Facebook page and Twitter account. He was about to go out. Ive been contacted by a number of production companies and studios about doing a feature about my life. The Wellness, Inc. with Dr. Mike Moreno podcast is for informational and entertainment purposes only and is not intended as a replacement or substitution for any professional, medical, financial, legal, or other advice, diagnosis, or treatment. DR. MIKE MORENO: Ahh. But suddenly I was thrown into this economic war and people couldnt even afford to help their pets.. Ive said that to myself, you know, going back eight, ten years ago. Every human wants companionship and purpose. When you give back, there is something you get in return that feels much larger. Dr. Kwane Stewart has been on numerous TV talk shows lately and can be found all over social media. German shepherds, they make me a little yeah, a little nervous because I just have a hard time reading them. "I know that pets are reliant on people but I think people are even more dependent on their pets. 2021 Dr. Mike Diet. I think its fantastic. DR. MIKE MORENO: Well, thats going to wrap it up. Unfortunately, I didnt have a fundraising platform, so I didnt have any money coming in after the show had been airing in multiple places and I was still coming out of pocket. DR. KWANE STEWART: Yes. We dont always know what theyre getting into. Tell us where to find you. Ive realized that these situations may be fleeting to us (the professionals). PS Dog Club Saturday Morning Practice. What do you do? Ill be exploring apps, gadgets, and discoveries. Up until then, I'd been practicing high-end medicine for clients who could pay for everything," Stewart told CNN. He somehow jumped out of it and he was on his tippy toes choking. CNN reports: So one day in 2011, "on a whim," Stewart set up a table at a soup kitchen with his son and girlfriend. So about one in five of people on the streets have a pet and that held true in this line of 40 people or so. You always hope for the best. aka The Street Vet No Judgement. So, no, I didnt get rich off the show. I mean, thats again, its just like this story gets better and better and better. I was chief medical officer for Vet Co. Then about mid-career, so this is going back about 12 years ago, I decided to become, of all things, a shelter vet. What were some of the kind of the stories that came out of doing that? I wanted to be near water. It is that unconditional love weve talked about. DR. MIKE MORENO: This is the Go Fund Me guys? People really benefit from these things. So, you get burned out on this and tell us what goes from there. Polar bear kills woman, boy in remote Alaska village, Man gets 30 years in prison in road rage killing of teen Astros fan, Video shows toddler waving handgun outside apartment; man arrested. When his work day ends, the San Diego-based veterinarian does not stop caring for animals. You just make assumptions about their story without even knowing anything about them. Like, what do you enjoy doing? Paying for vaccines and other medication out of pocket was feasible, but some surgeries and invasive procedures cost upwards of $10,000. Yeah, youre right. I think animals are a way where you get serotonin, where you get I mean, when you talk about the effects of depression and anxiety, these are real things, and this is more important, in my opinion, than any pill out there for depression or anxiety or whatever. 92K Likes, 208 Comments. So, within ten seconds, I scanned the yard and said, can I make it to the fence? Follow @thestreetvet on instagram to see all of Dr. Kwane's amazing work. The Street Vet charts the humanitarian exploits of Kwane Stewart, Doctor of Veterinary Medicine. I know all of us and everybody listening has thought to themselves, when you see a homeless person or someone whos struggling, you know, you have a tendency to want to go to a negative place, but so many times over the years, I thought to myself, whats that persons story? You know, you said this earlier, and I was thinking about it. He financed it. That's her Bubba!" drkwane Follow 8,742 views drkwane My son headed off to college a few months ago and hasn't seen his little sister he decided to surprise her. I know she wasnt short on money. After examining and treating about 15 animals on that first day, Dr. Kwane realized there was a true need for this type of medical care in his community. And he said he has been better for me than any pill or any therapy session Ive ever had. Back to your question about the bond. Dr. Kwane Stewart was already an experienced veterinarian when he decided to help the less fortunate in his community. No. So, I immediately jumped the fence to run to the German Shepherd to lift him up and do that and as Im lifting him up and I get enough under me to keep him back into his kennel, his buddy comes around the corner around the house, it is one of the largest pit bulls Ive ever seen. Theres been a few pinch me moments since all this time. I did a lot more research. Animal People: Kwane Stewart. My mom was an animal lover too. DR. KWANE STEWART: Yeah, I didnt know that at the time. Hes like tell me about an encounter. Im homeless. . STEWART: You're doing a good job. How To Attain A Tighter You with Steve Zim, Debunking Health Myths with Dr. Seema Yasmin, Heal from Depression with Dr. Deena Manion. Youre doing amazing work, man. Heres option three, act like I know him. DR. MIKE MORENO: And Im sure that was thats a great question. Theyll choose to stay outside or continue sleeping in the alley or under their tarp if the shelter wont take them and their pets. They are there when our familys not there, when our friends are not their animals, that that term, unconditional love says it all. It could be a military war vet whos on a fixed income or a single mom. For those of you out there, we talk about spay and neutering your animals, you got to get this done. I had my own prejudgments, like a lot of people, about homeless people before I started doing this work, Stewart said. Dr. Kwane hopes he can continue spreading empathy and awareness around this issue through his work on the street and with the Los Angeles-based animal hospital he has partnered with. DR. KWANE STEWART: Its about a majestic black horse and a boy. So, like, whats the next thing? So, its just fascinating. The 49-year-old drives around the state helping the animals of people experiencing homelessness, providing everything from flea treatments to vaccinations and more. The 49-year-old animal lover spends his free time driving around California and spotting homeless people with animals.

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